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Hire the Best – Streamlined Processing Saves Time & Money

Our Applicant Tracking System offers an easier, faster way to find the very best candidates and volunteers.

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Job distribution with a click

Distribute new postings, internally and externally, to hundreds of job boards, social networks and your team with a few clicks.

Engaged Social Applicants

Applicant Tracking System Features that make it easier for them make it easier for you – applications from their social networks is one of many innovations.

Find Top Talent Faster

Greater reach and exposure for your jobs with Applicant Tracking System tools that make it easier to manage, track and identify the best of the best.

Simplified Onboarding

ATS Software provides key information and forms electronically captured and efficiently routed where they need to go – paperless!

Qualified in Ninety Seconds

To qualify a candidate an average phone interview takes 30 minutes, while an applicant tracking video interview takes just 90 seconds.

applicant tracking Video Interview

Save Time & Money with Video Interviewing Integrated with our Applicant Tracking System Software.

See How Video Interviewing Works

Top Applicant Tracking System tools find the best candidates faster so you can hire with greater confidence.